Boston Network Users Group

Club Officer & Job Description: 

Below is a listing of the club officers and functionaries who manage the activities of the organization.  Club officers are elected by the club membership under the terms set forth in the club’s bylaws.  Functionaries are appointed by the club President to manage specific club activities.  Contact information for each of the individuals below is available to club members through the monthly newsletter.

Club Officers (May 2021 – May 2022)

PresidentAdam Frost   Email Account 

Description: The President shall be responsible for scheduling activities to be performed at the meetings and conducting the business meeting. He will also be in contact with other clubs to coordinate joint efforts for meets, displays and other functions.  The President may appoint Support Staff and committees to help manage the activities of the organization.  

Vice President –  Vacant   Email Account:

Description: The Vice President shall take charge in the absence of the President. Should it be necessary for the President to resign for any reason, the Vice President shall assume the office of President for the remainder of the term and a successor will be elected to the position of Vice President no later than the second meeting following the resignation. The Vice President shall be the “property officer” for the club and shall maintain a record of all club property.

Secretary Sharif Shaikh Email Account

Description: The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings, copies of all official club correspondence, and will also keep an up-to-date roster of all members, their mailing addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers.

Treasurer – Steve Isenberg  Email Account

Description:The Treasurer shall collect all dues and pay all just and lawful bills presented and voted on by a majority of the members present.

Support Staff

Support Staff are appointed by the club’s President to manage specific duties on behalf of the organization.  Support Staff positions can be added or rescinded at any time.

Communications Coordinator–  Steven Provost   Email Account

Description: Communication Coordinator is responsible for maintaining a website on behalf of the club and operating the club’s social media presence.,  contact information,  upcoming public event , and maintains  Zoom meetings Account and Meeting Operations.

Membership CoordinatorTom St. Cyr  Email Account :

Description: Membership Coordinators function as the liaison between an organization and its members. This includes answering queries, providing information, and maintaining membership records.

Newsletter Editor – Vacant  Email Account : Not Set Up

Description: The Newsletter Editor is responsible for disseminating information to the club’s membership.  This involves editing and distributing the monthly club e-newsletter as well as act as the official dispatcher of club announcements via the club’s email list. 

Meeting Speakers Coordinator – See Club President   Email Account : Not Set Up

Description: The Meeting Speakers Coordinator is in charge of lining up presenters for  our Monthly meeting

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