May Monthly Membership Meeting

  • Meeting Name: May Membership Meeting
  • When: May 4 , 2021
  • Time: 6:30 Pm- 9:00 Pm
  • Where: BNUG Zoom Conference Meeting Account
  • Topic : Why Video?
  • Agenda: Darrin will join BNUG for a Q & A discussion answering the question “Why video?” He’ll outline his holistic process and delve into the importance of Maximizing Your Production Value. Time permitting Darrin will leave you with anoverview of The Most Valuable Marketing Assets We Possess -this is the low hanging fruit very few have picked.

  • Presenter’s BIO:Darrin Fitzgerald 646-418-9495
    Writer, Director & Producer at ARTIE MEDIA BFA, Acting, The University of North Carolina School of the Arts Masters in Risk Aversion Evasion, NYC School of Hard KnocksDarrin spent nearly 19 years in New York City threatening to have a full-time career as an actor, writer, director and producer. This pursuit required him to support his art in a wide variety of industries – amassing a skillset few would willingly assemble. Darrin did everything from desktop graphics, to bookkeeping, editing, animating and bartending. Finally, he spent his last 9 years in NYC attending to celebrities, athletes, business legends and heads of state as the head waiter of a storied establishment within the only 5-Star 5-Diamond hotel in the city designed by the late I.M Pei.

    After making it out of the city alive, Darrin, carried by his wife and son, arrived in Massachusetts’ historic town of Hingham, ready to do the obvious thing, start a video marketing agency that empowers leaders with films and video. Since 2012 he’s had the good fortune of working across the nation with companies and organizations serving international audiences. Notable clients include the intellectual property firm, Lando & Anastasi, American Homestay Network, and NAFSA, Association of International Educators.
    After garnering 5 international awards in 2019 for his first branded short film, he’s not afraid to tell you, “We’ve never encountered a problem that video couldn’t help solve.” And “Though two wrongs don’t make a right, two lefts will get you halfway around the block.”

  • Questions/ Problems :  Please call Steven Provost 857-990-8549 or Adam Frost 617-522-1049