What Is a Computer user group?

A computer user group (also known as a computer club) is a group of people who enjoy using microcomputers or personal computers and who meet regularly to discuss the use of computers, share knowledge and experience, hear from representatives of hardware manufacturers and software publishers, and hold other related activities. They may host special interest workgroups, often focusing on one particular aspect of computing.

Computer user groups meet both virtually and in hackerspaces. Computer user groups may consist of members who primarily use a specific operating system, such as Linux. While many hackers use free and open-source software, others use Macintosh, RISC OS, Windows, and Amiga OS. There are also other user groups that concentrate on either Mac OS ( Macintosh User Group or MUG) or Linux ( Linux User Group or LUG).

Many computer user groups belong to an umbrella organization, the Association of Personal Computer User Groups or APCUG.

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